What is Oppression?



Featured image is from 416 Lit.

There are 4 types of oppression that directly affect women according to Suzanna Weiss in her article in Bustle.com published in 2 December 2015. These experiences disproportionately affect women due to their gender:


According to Weiss, 19 percent of women ages 29 to 31 were called back, compared to 12 percent ages 64 to 66 in terms of job application. Meanwhile, there was no age difference for male applicants. She also cited that a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, showed that “women ages 35 to 37 and 40 to 42 got called back 11 to 12 percent of the time, while women ages 55 to 58 only did nine percent of the time”. Weiss also observed that “people value women less as they age due to their perceived decline in attractiveness and the disproportionate importance placed on their looks.”


In the Philippines, the murder of Jennifer Laude, a 26 year old Filipina trans woman in the hands 19 year old American Private First Class Joseph Pemberton is an example of transphobia and  misogyny.  She was blamed and slut-shamed and many people thought that she deserved to die because of her gender identity.  It also an example of neo-colonialism since special treatment were given to Pemberton due to his citizenship and the existing US-Philippine Visiting Forces Agreement.


Weiss pointed out that women with disabilities have higher tendencies to be sexually assaulted compared to men. This is based on the study published in Disability and Society which pointed out that “80% of women with intellectual disabilities” have experienced sexual violence than their male counterparts.


In the gay rights movement, Weiss observed that it is often male-oriented. Non-heterosexual women therefore are often left behind in has fewer options to escape from “heteronormative culture”. A movement that is inclusive and participatory must be organized for the benefit of all members of the LGBT community.


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